Management Committee

The UA&P Management Committee (ManCom) is the University’s governing body.

It was formed to steer the University in the path set out for it. It makes sure that all plans, activities and projects undertaken advance the mission, goals and values of the University.

The ManCom is a collegial decision-making body made up of the President, Vice Presidents, and the University Secretary, and it meets in plenary session once every two weeks. It governs the university with the help of the different Operations Committees of each College, School, or hallmark center and the Managing Directors or unit heads of the different supporting units. The prerogatives of the ManCom extend to the implementation of the strategic directions for the University set by the Board of Trustees and to the decision-making necessary in running the educational institution, which is not reserved to the Board or to the Executive Committee.

Winston Conrad Padojinog University President

Imelda Estillore
Vice President for Student and Alumni Affairs

Rolando Sison
Vice President for Administrative Affairs

Amado Saquido
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Daniel Rodrigo Reyes
Vice President for Development

Marya Svetlana Camacho
Vice President for Faculty Affairs

Anthony David
University Secretary

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