University of Asia and the Pacific Foundation, Inc.


The University of Asia and the Pacific is a project of the University of Asia and the Pacific Foundation, Inc. (UA&PFI), in line with its broad research, training, and educational purposes.

UA&PFI is a non‐stock, non‐profit corporation whose primary purpose is that of establishing and operating colleges, schools, centers, etc., where activities may be undertaken in a manner that will significantly serve the integral formation of the human person, according to the Christian spirit and ideals, and uplift the moral, cultural, and material level of the country and region in which the University operates.

The University of Asia and the Pacific endeavors to give its students a complete education, which includes the pursuit of Christian ideals and formation in Catholic doctrine and morals. To this end, the UA&PFI desires that all the activities of the University (teaching, research and publication, and extension) be imbued with the spirit and Christian ideals of Opus Dei as taught and lived by its Founder, Saint Josemaría Escrivá. In order to achieve this objective, the UA&PFI signed an agreement with the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei which created permanent consultation mechanisms and established specific channels through which the spirit of Opus Dei can be transmitted to the academic community. Thus, the Office of the Vice Grand Chancellor (OVGC) was instituted to serve as a consultant for the objective mentioned above. The UA&PFI Board of Trustees operates the University, while the UA&P Management Committee is the University’s ordinary governing body.

Board of Trustees

The ​UA&PFI Board of Trustees​ governs the university by guiding and directing the Management Committee to align its strategic plans, decisions, and policies to the University’s educational philosophy.
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Management Committee

The UA&P ​Management Committee​(ManCom) is the University’s ordinary governing body. The Management Committee was formed to steer the University in the path set out by the UA&PFI Board of Trustees. It ensures that plans, activities, and projects undertaken advance the mission, goals and values of the University.
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