Hallmark Centers

As an educational institution, UA&P’s hallmarks are values education, people development, and research and communication.

Values Education

UA&P is committed to the inculcation of time-tested human values and attitudes, and its academic programs always include courses in social and professional ethics. This task is institutionally entrusted to the Center for Student Affairs (CSA).

People Development

Through its social development arm, UA&P works with integrated development programs that enable people, particularly the poor and marginalized, to help themselves. These programs include values formation, general and technical education, health and nutrition, environmental quality, and cooperativism. This role is carried out by the Center for Social Responsibility (CSR).

Research and Communication

Research at UA&P aims, above all, at a synthesis of humanistic, professional, scientific, and technical knowledge, inspired by a Christian view of man. As an academic community, the University continues to undertake high-level, interdisciplinary research for the good of society and to communicate the results of such research through various media and varied audiences. This is promoted by the Center for Research and Communication (CRC).

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