Center for Student Affairs (CSA)

From orientation to graduation, the Center for Student Affairs (CSA) recognizes that there are valuable venues for learning outside the walls of the classroom.

Formerly known as the Office of Student Affairs, it has recently been rechristened as a Hallmark Center to highlight its role as a guardian of one of UA&P’s Hallmarks: Values Formation.

Aside from the day-to-day services CSA provides, there is also a diverse selection of activities, development programs and volunteer projects in store for students who aim to optimize their college experience. These combine to address the various needs of students and provide an atmosphere conducive to personal learning and growth.

In the same spirit, CSA also advocates responsible participation in student-initiated projects and organizations.CSA is composed of five desks that encompass every aspect of student life beyond academics – Student Services, Mentoring and Guidance, Kultura, Civics and Sports Development.

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