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The University of Asia and the Pacific (University) voluntarily submitted itself for Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that gave the University a perfect rating in the assessment conducted in September 2015 by a team of seven (7) CHED assessors. Judgments and assessment by the team were made about the performance of the University within the  ISA framework under the following  five (5) Key Results Areas (KRAs) namely:

1) governance and management (including management of resources);

2) quality teaching and learning (including competency, programs and faculty);

3) quality of professional exposure, research and creative work (including linkages);

4) support for students (including learning resources and support structures), and;

5) relations with the community (including extra-curricular linkages, service learning , outreach).

On May 16, 2016, the Commission on Higher Education  (CHED)  awarded the University Deregulated Status for a period of three (3) years, from April 1, 2016 to May 31, 2019. It also awarded the School of Education’s Teachers Training Program as Center of Development for the same validity period of three (3) years.

In its pursuit for educational excellence through quality enhancement and improvement, the University continues to voluntarily submit its academic programs in the undergraduate and graduate levels for evaluation by external accrediting agencies such as the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities – Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA). To date, 88% of the total number of graduate programs have Level III reaccredited (RA) status with  one program under  Level II  RA status. Eight (8) or 58% of the total number of undergraduate (UG)  programs have been accredited, with Liberal Arts Program having been awarded Level III first reaccredited status. Five generally new and accreditable (5) UG programs will submit themselves for consultancy visit next school year.

Three graduate programs of the School of Economics, namely Master of Science in Industrial Economics, Master in Applied Economics and Master in Business Economics were cited by PACUCOA for being the first graduate programs, designed for working professionals involved in corporate planning, economics research and general management,  to have been granted Level III reaccredited status in NCR and in the Philippines.

The University has likewise earned international credits from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an Amsterdam-based international independent organization that provides the world’s widely used standards on sustainability reporting and disclosure. GRI  has pioneered sustainability reporting with 93% of the world’s largest 250 corporations report their sustainability performance using the GRI Guidelines. Among higher educational institutions, the use of these guidelines is gaining traction as evidenced by the increasing number of universities producing GRI-compliant sustainability disclosure. The university’s Sustainability Report has gained the following outstanding record for UA&P:


  • UA&P is the first academic institution in Southeast Asia to have produced a Sustainability Report way back in 2012.
  • It is the first university in Asia to produce a report that is ‘In Accordance’ with the Global Reporting Initiative or GRI G4 Guidelines – Comprehensive that is externally assured and which successfully completed the GRI Materiality Disclosures Service.
  • The University of Asia and the Pacific is also the only university that included a fourth perspective—academic performance—in its sustainability report that is in keeping with the University mandate to be socially relevant and responsive to the needs of its stakeholders. It has done so because it believes that education has a vital role in sustainability efforts aimed at upholding human dignity. It covers the four major areas of operation that make up the academic life—curriculum, faculty, students, and alumni.


To access the sustainability report, use the link below under the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database.

To validate the above-mentioned record of the University in relation to other universities in Asia, go to “Search” in the same link, click GRI-G4; Universities; Asia.


Certificates Gallery:

GRI 2016 Organizational Mark for UA&P

Deregulated Status

Teacher Training Program as COD

PACUCOA/FAAP Accreditation Certificates

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