Through a powerful combination of liberal arts education and professional specialization, UA&P puts due emphasis on the individual, the family, the community, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Faced with the harsh, ever-changing realities of today’s world, we’ve made it our mission to fully develop everything that is human in the individual. With our brand of whole-person education amid the working climate where adaptability is key, our graduates stand firm, knowing that every facet of their being can be fully utilized to catch up to the speed of life.

Course of Studies

Students go through a common liberal arts curriculum in their first three years in the University. On their third year, they begin to take subjects in their chosen field of specialization. If they meet all academic requirements of the graduate program, they may graduate with a master’s degree in five years.

Five -Year Programs

Undergraduate education under the College of Arts and Sciences not only prepares them for a specific specialization, but also gives them a well-rounded education that cultivates genuine intellectual discipline, a prerequisite to acquiring any specialized knowledge. After completing their undergraduate studies, they will move on to one of the Professional Schools or Institutes to pursue their chosen field of specialization, at the end of which, they receive a master’s degree.

This two-step education process arises from the conviction that a college student who immediately pursues a specialization without the solid grounding that a liberal education provides will be ill-prepared for a lifelong process of learning, as well as the premise that professional excellence today demands ever-increasing specialization no longer adequately met by a bachelor’s degree.

Currently, there are six five-year programs offered in the University:

  • Master of Arts in Communication
  • Master of Arts in Education, major in Child Development and Education
  • Master of Arts in Humanities
  • Master of Science in Industrial Economics
  • Master of Science in Management
  • Master of Arts in Political Economy, with Specialization in International Relations and Development

Undergraduate (Four-Year) Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
  • Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Bachelor of Arts in Media and Entertainment Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Capital Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Other Graduate Programs

The University has a number of academic programs that are designed for practitioners in the areas of economics and education. These are:

  • Master in Business Economics
  • Master in Applied Business Economics
  • Master in Education, Major in Child Development and Education
  • Master in Education, Major in Educational Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Education, Major in Child Development and Education
  • Master of Arts in Education, Major in Educational Leadership
  • Master of Science in Management-Evening Program
  • Masters in Political Economy-Evening Program
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