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UA&P’s Law program provides training in standard competencies expected of lawyers, such as legal reasoning and advocacy.  Following worldwide trends in the field of legal education, and helped by its integration within UA&P and within the School of Law and Governance, the Law program is envisioned to increasingly adopt interdisciplinary and international perspectives.

UA&P has the following offerings for those who wish to obtain a law degree:

Juris Doctor (JD).  This is a 4-year course in law that fulfills all government requirements for those preparing for admission to the bar.  It requires previous completion of a bachelor’s degree course.  To view the curriculum click here.  For the tuition and other school fees for SY 2017-18 for incoming JD freshmen, click here.

Lex Honors. Lex Honors is a 7-year program for high school graduates who would like to take UA&P’s liberal arts bachelor’s degree course as a shortened (3 years instead of 4) but most fitting pre-law course, then proceed to the JD, which will still require four (4) years and will follow the very same curriculum.  The program requires a high school average of 85% in order to qualify.  Visit the Lex Honors webpage.

JD students and those in the Lex Honors program are provided with personal and professional mentoring during their stay in UA&P.

Applications for the JD program are now being accepted for school year 2017-2018.  Deadline for submission for the last batch of applicants is 29 July 2017.  Please see “Admissions” dropdown box below for more details.  Classes in the JD program begin on 16 August 2017.


Attention all students:  Please check the JD Enrollment Procedure for 2017 in the “Enrollment” dropdown box below.   Incoming freshmen who have paid the reservation fee and incoming second to fourth year students whose names appear on this list (click to view list) should enlist online on Wednesday, 26 July 2017.  After enlisting online please print your Registration Certificate and bring this with you for the on-campus enrollment.



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