Lex Honors

Lex Honors shortens the combined duration of the pre-law and law proper courses from 8 years to 7 years. It is the only program of its kind in the Philippines.

Open to graduates of Senior High School, Lex Honors is composed of a 3-year pre-law course and the full 4-year Juris Doctor course.  Being a faster track to a law degree, it requires applicants to have a high school average of at least 85%.  Click here to view the curriculum of the Lex Honors program.

Preparation for law studies

Before UA&P started offering a law program, many UA&P graduates went to law schools and realized in hindsight how well their undergraduate education prepared them for legal studies.  Their background in philosophy, literature and economics, as well as their rigorous training in oral and written communication, served them well to face the rigors of law school.

The 3-year pre-law component of the Lex Honors program draws from UA&P’s tradition of excellent undergraduate education.  Classroom learning is complemented by a pleasant and professional learning environment, further enhanced by opportunities for participation in a variety of student-organized activities, from debates to stage plays, from outreach activities to concerts.

Entry to law school

Upon competing the pre-law course, students in the Lex Honors program will need to fulfill the conditions for entering law school:

-They must complete their undergraduate course, and obtain a GWA sufficient for applying for law school.  Currently a GWA of 2.5 is required.

-They must pass the Philippine Law School Admissions Test (PhilSAT).

-They must hurdle the JD admission process, which includes an interview.

For students in the program every effort is made to make the transition from pre-law to the JD as seamless as possible.

A UA&P-style law program

True to its character as a UA&P course, the Lex Honors program provides personalized attention to student needs, above all through personal and professional mentoring which, by itself alone, sets UA&P’s JD program apart from the law programs of other schools.


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