In the Asia-Pacific region, UA&P is singular in using a mentoring system in which one-on-one sessions between mentor and student aim to bring the integration of knowledge, skills, and values down to the personal level.

This mentoring program nourishes the individual’s development and reinforces the whole-person formation students receive from the liberal education and the graduate schools. It provides students with the opportunity to avail themselves of personal advising and assistance in different areas and at various stages of their personal, professional, and social life in the University.

It helps them reflect upon, assess, evaluate, and integrate their learning skills and experiences—under the guidance of a mentor—in a way that benefits the acquisition and strengthening of their intellectual skills and moral criteria.

How it’s done

Each student is assigned his mentor upon entry in the University. This system of personal formation revolves around the mentoring sessions, which are regular, confidential conversations between the student and Buy Cialis online his or her mentor about student life. In principle, the sessions occur for thirty minutes once a month. However, if circumstances permit, the mentor can meet his or her students as often as needed.

The mentoring program is gender specific: female students are assigned female mentors; male students, male mentors.

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