Department of Arts

The Arts Program consists of courses in the Visual Arts, Music, Theater and Film.

The Program establishes the foundation for a refined and critical appreciation of beauty. Among the subjects it offers are:

  • Fine Arts (ART 101) trains students to deepen personal readings and experience of the visual arts, primarily painting, sculpture, photography, digital and installation art as objects of beauty, and provides the skills to perceive and respond to them critically through the analysis of their material and aesthetic qualities as visual art form.  Selected representations and actual pieces from different artistic traditions and everyday objects will be used as take-off points to facilitate discussions and other activities in class.
  • Music (ART102B) aims to refine the student’s aesthetic sensitivity to music for the purpose of developing his musical experience through systematic listening. The course introduces the student to the medium of music as a form of artistic expression. It enables informed value judgments on the quality of music through an understanding of its elements.
  • Film (ART102A), as part of the three-year liberal education program, introduces the students to the language of film — its visual, narrative and aural elements, as a means of communicating human struggles, ideals, emotions and situations. It guides students to judge the use of various elements to express meanings, achieve certain affects, and elicit certain responses through the critical analysis of various films, thus, broadening their sensitivity to beauty.
  • Theater (ART 102D) introduces the student to the elements of theater arts as found in Western, Eastern and Philippine theater traditions. The aim of the course is to understand theater as a form of aesthetic expression using history as a framework. It exposes the students to theater productions, theater reviews and practical training in class.
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