Department of English

The English Program is a venue for students to exchange ideas on the human condition and express these ideas in English.

Through the study of characters, situations, and themes presented in prose, poetry, and drama, the program nurtures an understanding of the confluence of unity and diversity in the world and the student’s place in it.

Three of the courses by the English department under the liberal education program are:

  • Communication Arts (ENG101) aims to strengthen and refine the students’ maco-skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as their critical and creative thinking skills. Through the writing and delivery of speeches, students coherence, and effectiveness. This course also emphasizes audience analysis, organization skills and delivery techniques.
  • Communication Arts (ENG 102) aims to further develop students’ communication skills through the writing of cause-and-effect and argumentation essays, students develop their ability to communicate clearly, coherently and effectively.
  • Research Writng (ENG 103) is designed to further hone the students’ critical and creative thinking skills. Students identify research topics and investigate them thoroughly so as to produce research papers.
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