Department of Religion

The Theology Program provides the curriculum with the highest object of the human mind: God.

This perspective enables students to see all earthly realities at a higher plane of truth. Since its CRC days, UA&P has been teaching Catholic doctrine as part of its liberal education curriculum.

Among the subjects under this are:

  • The Creed (TH101) – A philosophical and theological treatment of the articles of the Apostle’s Creed. The course presents the truths about religion as natural and supernatural; revelation, its origin, sources, and interpretation; God’s revelation and man’s response through faith; God revealed as One and Triune, his inner life and his works ad extra.
  • The Sacraments (TH102) is a theological study of the Sacraments, aiming to give students a thorough understanding of the Theology of the Sacraments based on the data of Revelation contained in Scriptures and Divine Apostolic Tradition, and as interpreted by the Church Magisterium.
  • Moral Theology (TH103) focuses on the norms of morality, the objectivity of the good and evil, the formation of conscience as discovered by reason, revealed by God and taught by the Magisterium.
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