Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics program seeks to develop in students the skills in problem solving and the study of quantity, as well as the discipline to acquire intellectual precision and rigor.

Some of the Mathematics subjects under this the Liberal Education program are:

  • General Mathematics I (MATH1) focuses on enhancing logical thinking through mathematical expressions such as algebra presented as an axiomatic system, and precision in solving problems through proper translation of words or sentences to mathematical symbols and algebraic solutions.
  • General Mathematics II (MATH2) aims to enhance logical thinking through Euclidean and Non-Euclidean geometries presented as axiomatic systems and promotes precision in numerical expressions and solving problems through solutions involving geometrical structures, calculus, probability and statistics.
  • Algebra and Trigonometry (MA111, for IT and IEP students) focuses on the algebra of real numbers. It assists students in attaining a firm grasp of the essential notions of number systems, mathematical functions and the Cartesian coordinate system, and in acquiring and mastering the basic algorithmic skills of algebra.
  • Calculus I (MA112, for IT and IEP students) deals with the study of the basics of the calculus, starting with a review of fundamental functions. The limit, derivative and antiderivative of functions are discussed thoroughly. These concepts are applied in business, economics, finance and natural science.
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