Department of Natural Sciences

The Department of Science plays a key role in the College of Sciences and Engineering, training future practitioners and researchers in the field. It also handles several courses under the Liberal Arts program of the University, some of which are:

  • Biology (SC101) is specifically planned and designed for Liberal Arts students, tackling biological concepts such as the cell, tissues, bioenergetics, life processes, genetics, body systems, and the latest findings on scientific issues related to this discipline in a logical and comprehensive way.
  • Environmental Science (SC102) includes the review of basic concepts about the environment, traditional sciences, relevant issues (in politics, business and law), values and global concerns.
  • Physics (SC103) presents the material universe in terms of the physical concepts, principles, laws, equations and theories that physicists have discovered and formulated to describe and predict the properties, behavior and motion of matter and energy through space and time.
  • Chemistry (SC104) begins with a presentation of significant experiments that led to the present-day understanding of the atom. This picture necessarily leads to the periodic table, which is the basis of explaining a host of observable properties of various types of matter, essential to understanding and predicting the changes that different chemicals undergo.
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