Six-Year Integrated University Program

UA&P is now offering an Integrated University Program that offers Senior High School to Grade 10 graduates with the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree in six years. The 6-Year Integrated University Program is founded on a strong liberal arts curriculum, one of the hallmarks of a UA&P education.

From its early years as a university, UA&P has pioneered an innovative 5-year program that confers a Master’s degree to High School graduates in 5 years: MA in Communication, MA in Humanities, MA in Political Economy, MS in Industrial Economics and MS in Management. Similarly, the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 (aka K-12 Law) became an opportunity for UA&P to further innovate and develop the 6-year Integrated University Program.

The following Master’s degrees are available:

The Liberal Education curriculum that formed the foundation of UA&P’s programs will be integrated and aligned with the new General Education curriculum and the new course content, leading to the same Master’s degrees that UA&P has been offering. While it is a seamless and integrated program, distinct phases with their own milestones are identified.

The first two years is a Senior High School with a Liberal Arts curriculum to support the five programs offered. As such, it may be likened to the HUMSS and GAS strands. The next three years is the undergraduate program while the final year, if the student qualifies, will complete the Master’s degree. A student, however, may opt to move or transfer to another university after SHS in UA&P.

Should there be sufficient demand, electives may be offered to better prepare students for other courses (e.g. those aligned to the STEM and ABM strands). Those who will not qualify for the Master’s phase may graduate with a Bachelor’s degree even before the 5th year ends.

Other UA&P undergraduate programs not linked to the 6-year programs are still offered to senior high school graduates from other institutions. SHS graduates of UA&P may also shift to these programs.

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