2017 Admissions

Those who passed the 16 April 2017 PhilSAT may now submit their applications.  Those with PhilSAT rating of 60 or higher will be scheduled for interview.  Those with PhilSAT rating of 45 to below 60 will first be required to take a written essay test.

After the interview successful applicants will receive a letter informing them of their acceptance to the program.  They must submit their Certificate of Eligibility or Exemption issued by the Legal Education Board (LEB) upon enrollment.

Those who did not take the 16 April 2017 PhilSAT or are not exempted from PhilSAT may only be allowed to proceed with their application if they present the corresponding LEB permit for conditional admission, pursuant to LEB Memorandum Order No. 11, Series of 2017.

See below for the Application Procedure, Application Fee, etc.

Application Procedure

Applicants must submit two (2) copies of the duly accomplished JD Application Form (pdf/doc) to the School of Law and Governance at the 7th Floor APEC Communications Building together with one (1) copy of the following attachments:

  • Photocopy of college transcript of records or record of grades
  • For graduating students: Certification of candidacy for graduation from their Registrar
    For graduates and professionals: Photocopy of college diploma
  • Proof of payment of application fee (see rates below)

The Legal Education Board requires law school applicants to have a general weighted average of 2.5 or 80% or equivalent in the pre-law course.

Application fee 

PhilSAT of 60 or higherP500.00
PhilSAT of 45 to below 60P800.00
Honor graduates within five (5) years from graduation from the pre-law course, and UA&P scholars:  Free

How to qualify

Applicants with PhilSAT rating of 60 or higher will be scheduled for interview.  Those with PhilSAT rating of 45 to below 60 must first take a written essay test to determine whether they qualify for interview.  Those with PhilSAT rating below 45 need not apply.

For the admissions procedure for Lex Honors please go to UA&P Undergraduate Admissions.

For additional information, and for enrollment and scholarship procedures, please go to the UA&P Juris Doctor Program.

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