Lit books most popular in UA&P Library

Lit books most popular in UA&P Library

by UA&P News Desk on October 18, 2010 - 4:41 pm

A Rainbow of Books by Dawn Endico under CC BY-SA

Books on literature are the favorite among the University of Asia and the Pacific Don Eugenio Lopez Library (DELL)’s growing collection, according to data from the University Library.

Books on this branch of the humanities were borrowed 2,660 times out of the 11,664 total number of books the DELL undergraduate library lent out last school year.

While literature readers borrow more books than their counterparts in other disciplines, history and biology books are the second and third most in demand resources in the library, borrowed 1,669 and 1,650 times respectively.

A close fourth are books on religion which were borrowed 1,560 times.

Books on the social sciences meanwhile top the most borrowed books in the graduate library, Don Emilio Ejercito Library (DEEL) where 4,821 books were borrowed last year.

DEEL loaned readers a total of 1,804 books on social sciences, while only 759 on education — a far second — were borrowed. #

Photo “A Rainbow of Books” by Dawn Endico under CC BY-SA license
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