E-books collection at the library

E-books collection at the library

by UA&P News Desk on November 11, 2010 - 1:42 pm

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The Library acquired 20 titles of Electronic Books from Gale Virtual Reference Library on Education, Management, Public Relations, Human Development, Technology, and on Business and Environmental Ethics.

These e-books can be accessed within the university through this link.

Here are the titles of the available e-books at the library:

21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook , 2v,  2008
21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook , 2v,  2008
Creativity in Public Relations , 3rd ed.,  2007
Encyclopedia of Bioethics , 3rd ed.,  5v,  2004
Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society , 5v,  2008
Encyclopedia of Counseling , 4v,  2008
Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development , 3v,  2005
Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration , 2v,  2006
Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy , 2v,  2009
Encyclopedia of Human Development , 3v,  2006
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia , 6v,  2003
Encyclopedia of Products & Industries – Manufacturing , 2v,  2008
Enhancing Learning Through Technology , 2006
Evaluating Public Relations: A Best Practice Guide to Public Relations Planning, Research and   Evaluation , 2nd ed.,  2007
Flexible Learning in an Information Society , 2007
Global E-Government: Theory, Applications and Benchmarking , 2007
New Catholic Encyclopedia , 2nd ed.,  15v,  2003
Questionnaire Design: How to Plan, Structure and Write Survey Material for Effective Market Research , 2nd ed.,  2008
Reference Guide to World Literature , 3rd ed.,  2v,  2003
Strategic Human Resource Management: A Guide to Action , 4th ed.,  2008

Photo: E-book Reader by Cristian Eslava under CC BY-SA license

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