Nativity scenes in UA&P

Nativity scenes in UA&P

by UA&P News Desk on December 20, 2010 - 5:04 pm

How can a single historical moment have so many creative depictions? Year after year, members of the UA&P community collaborate to envision and recreate the most joyful event in the history of salvation.

These exhibition-worthy works  rendering the birth of our Lord are located around campus.

Located at the the Administration and Library Building (ALB) entrance, this crèche by the Office of Student Affairs and Office of Alumni Affairs shows UA&P students watching the Nativity scene housed in a miniature model of ALB.

This award-winning display by the School of Management conveys a message inspired by Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Caritas in Veritate, that technology is "a profoundly human reality, linked with the autonomy and freedom of man."

The scene by the Assets and Facilities Management is aboard a moving ship with sails extended in a journey. AFM's belen can be seen at the APEC Communications Building (ACB), 3.5/F

A classic crèche at the College of Arts and Sciences building, 2/F

The Nativity tableau in the Registrar's Office has the family as its central theme.

The Finance Management and Reporting Group's mini-ALB creation with the Holy Family inside is located in the Cashier's office at CAS Building.

The Magi approach the Holy Family looking after the baby Jesus inside a scallop in Human Resource Management's aquatic-inspired Nativity scene at the second floor of ALB.

Detail of HRM's belen.

The University Library's tree-like installation at the Don Emilio Ejercito Library is rich with symbolisms from the Bible. When visiting, flip through the accompanying guide explaining the various symbols hanging from its branches.

Detail of the University Library's crèche.

This Nativity scene by the Executive Offices can be found at ALB 2/F. Mary and Joseph holding the baby Jesus are under a lighted arch that symbolizes the University's motto, unitas.

The mini ALB is aglow with the brightness of the star that leads the Three Kings to the infant savior. Crafted by the Management Information Services, this scene can be found at the lobby of ACB.

The Stella Orientis Oratory's grand Nativity scene shows the Holy Family in a forest. Angels can also be seen on high, rejoicing at the birth of Jesus.

Detail of Stella Orientis Oratory's crèche. Joseph carries a lamp to light Mary's way while the Three Kings look on in adoration. The figure of the infant Jesus will be placed come Christmas time on the 25th.

~ Text and photos by Ms. Camille Diola

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