OFW daughter faces changes and challenges head-on

OFW daughter faces changes and challenges head-on

by UA&P News Desk on December 20, 2010 - 11:30 am

from Manila Bulletin, by Rachel C. Barawid

MANILA, Philippines — Erilyn Marie V. Dagan had a doubly-difficult challenge to deal with while growing up: she is the daughter of overseas Filipino worker-parents who are nonetheless separated.

Apart of course from her parents’ absence in her daily life, Erilyn also had to get used to spending time with only one parent whenever they returned home, particularly during special occasions like the Christmas holidays.

“Mahirap tanggapin nung una. For instance, whenever there were special occasions, may isang hindi sasama. But I got used to it and instead of rebelling or adopting a negative outlook in life, it became a challenge to me. My situation pushed me to excel and become a better person,” reveals
Erilyn, a 20-year-old Entrepreneurial Management student at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

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Budding entrepreneur

Graduating from high school with honors, Erilyn decided to take a course in Entrepreneurial Management and pursue a career similar to that of her father, who is the first Filipino to own a telephone company in Japan.

“I am so proud of my father, yung prinsipyo niya sa buhay and his kindness. He’s really my adviser, my guide. He has a big influence on me,” Erilyn says.

Erilyn is an early starter. She now has her own business called Order Regalo, a gift delivery service for OFWs in Japan that had been established earlier this year. In this business, Erilyn is a virtual personal shopper for her OFW clients who may specify what specific goods to buy for their families in the Philippines.

She then buys the goods/items and delivers it personally to the homes of the relatives.

“It’s easier to send just the money to the relatives. But most of the time, the OFWs want to be able to give a personal touch to their presents, particularly the impression that they themselves shopped for that pasalubong. So they ask me to do it for them,” explains Erilyn, one of this year’s winners of the BPI Expat Pinoy Children for the Ibang Klaseng Entrepreneur category.

Erilyn attributes her award to her father, because it was him who served as her primary inspiration and role model.

“Being a child of an OFW entails maturity and independence at a young age. I learned not only to watch over my siblings and myself but also became stronger in facing life’s realities. Everything happens for a reason. It’s a matter of attitude and output in life kung papano ka magrereact sa situations na nangyayari sa buhay mo, if you’ll take it positively or negatively. But you should not be self-centered and instead look at the real reasons behind the circumstances in your life. Magsikap, mag tiyaga. Lastly, be happy and thankful with what you have,” concludes Erilyn. #

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