2011 Continuing Management Education Seminars

2011 Continuing Management Education Seminars

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From the School of Management

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Marketing for Non-Marketing (Feb. 10-11, 2011)
Strategic Marketing Management (Feb. 17-18, 2011)
Accounting for Non-Accountants (Feb. 23-25, 2011)

Creative Thinking & Innovation (Mar. 4, 2011)
Strategic Management (Mar. 18, 2011)
Basic Supervision (Mar. 27-28, 2011)

Finance for Non-Finance (Apr 6-8, 2011)
Strategic Planning & Analysis (April 29, 2011)

Building Effective Presentation (May 5-6, 2011)
Lean Management (May 12-13, 2011)
Leadership for New Managers (May 25 & 27, 2011)

Effective Business Writing Skills (June 2-3, 2011)
Project Management Workshop (June 15-17, 2011)
Art of Selling (June 23-24, 2011)

Marketing for Non-Marketing (Jul 7-8, 2011)
Strategic Marketing Management (14-15, 2011)
Accounting for Non-Accountants (July 27-29, 2011)

Creative Thinking & Innovation (Aug 12, 2011)
Strategic Management (Aug 19, 2011)
Basic Supervision (Aug 25-26, 2011)

Finance for Non-Finance (Sept 7-9, 2011)
Strategic Planning & Analysis (Sept 16, 2011)
Advanced Supervision (Sept 22-23, 2011)

Communicating for Results (Oct 6-7, 2011)
Lean Management (Oct 20-21, 2011)
Leadership for New Managers (Oct 26 & 28, 2011)

Leadership & Management (Nov 10-11, 2011)
Project Management Workshop (Nov 16-18, 2011)

Effective Business Writing Skills (Dec 1-2, 2011)

Course descriptions

Effective Business Writing Skills
Enhance your writing skills to help you prepare business letters and memos. At the end of the 2-day seminar, participants will: undergo a comprehensive review of grammar to help them express their thoughts, ideas and desires in writing; learn guidelines in writing business letters and memos; and gain more self-confidence in writing by way of reinforcement exercises at each session. Fee: P8, 500

Project Management Workshop
Learn the essential steps in defining goals, establishing project plans, assigning work, monitoring progress, and exercising control. Duration: 3 days; Speaker: Mr. Vicente Mauricio

Art of Selling
The Art of Selling is an overview of selling and sales management, focusing within the context of a service organization. It highlights the essential functions that must be combined into an integrated program to ensure the success of the sales effort. Duration: 2 days; Fee is P8,500. Speaker: Mr. Willy Cuason

Communicating for Results
Communication For Results (CFR) is designed to develop the communication skills of the participants. It is a practical 2.5 days course that emphasizes creativity, concern for audience and understanding the importance of the business solutions through communications. Since it is assumed that the participants are sufficiently equipped with the basic rules of grammar in writing; majority of the course will be centering on oral communication. Duration: 2 days; Fee is P8,500. Speaker: Mr. Willy Cuason

Building Effective Presentation Skills
In this 2-day seminar-workshop, participants will learn how to organize and deliver effective presentations that get the message across; develop rapport through body language, and verbal techniques. Use new designs to make attention-grabbing presentations. Duration: 2 days; Fee is P8,500. Speaker: Mr. Willy Cuason

Marketing for Non-Marketing Professionals
This session relates both traditional and new marketing concepts to today’s fast-paced, competitive, and segmented business environment, with the emphasis on relating marketing theory to practical and effective real-world solutions. Topics include, among others, the marketing process, defining the competition, the marketing mix, and market segmentation. Duration: 2 days; Fee: P10,000; Speaker: Mr. Jose S. Navarro

Strategic Marketing Management
Acquire a working knowledge of the basic concepts and principles of strategic marketing management; develop analytical skills and techniques necessary to formulate effective marketing strategies. Duration: 2 days; Fee: P12,000; Speaker: Mr. Jose S. Navarro

Accounting for Non-Accountants
Understand key accounting concepts, methods, and techniques and apply these to your business. Duration: 3 days ; Fee: P10,000.00; Speakers: Mr. Virgilio Avila & Mr. Stan Padojinog

Creative and Strategic Thinking
This session covers thinking creatively about strategy, strategic problem solving, and decision making and thinking and planning strategically. Learn how to generate wide-ranging possibilities to come up with new solutions and approaches to current and potential challenges and opportunities.
Duration: 1 day; Fee: P12,000; Speaker: Mr. Jose S. Navarro

Strategic Management: How to Successfully Implement Strategic Plans
This seminar is designed to equip the individual with the most innovative tools and cutting edge concepts in strategic management. The program provides a roadmap towards strategic management competency and develops strategic management leaders in the age of ever-changing and highly competitive global business. Duration: 1 day; Fee: P12,000; Speaker: Mr. Jose S. Navarro

Basic Supervision: The Key to Greater Productivity in the Workplace
This seminar will define what productivity is all about and will highlight the connection between productivity and supervision. Duration: 2 days; Speaker: Dr. Roque Carballo

Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Learn to analyze financial statements through the use of ratios, understand capital budgeting processes, and funds flow statements. Duration: 3 days; Fee: P10,000; Speakers: Mr. Virgilio Avila & Mr. Stan Padojinog

Strategic Planning and Analysis (with Economic Briefing by Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas)
This seminar is designed to equip the individual with the most innovative tools and cutting edge concepts in strategic planning and management. The program provides a roadmap towards strategic management competency and develops strategic management leaders in the age of ever-changing and highly competitive global business. Duration: 1 day; Fee: P12,000; Speaker: Mr. Jose S. Navarro

Advanced Supervision: The Human Side of Management
While everything else can be improved with ease – e.g. technology, equipment, and the like – it is the people factor that is hard to enhance, and it’s what matters most! With this seminar, supervisors and managers will be able to acquire the most needed, freshest ideas in dealing with their fellow team members. Duration: 2 days.Fee: 10,000.00; Speaker: Dr. Roque Carballo

Leadership for New Managers
This 2-day intensive course will teach newly promoted managers and functional department heads the essential elements of leadership through the case method. This is a non-degree course. Emphasis will be on the integration of the technical and human side of an organization. Using the case method approach, the following critical challenges will be addressed: motivation, trust and commitment, communication, economics and business operations. This course is patterned to the Global Leadership and Values course offered at IESE Business School, University of Navarre, Barcelona, Spain. Duration: 2 days; Fee: P12,000; Speaker: Mr. Ceferino Rodolfo

Leadership and Management
This seminar will give you insights on leadership and management with an emphasis on the qualities of a good leader and the different stages of leadership. By the end of the seminar, you will realize the role and importance of good leaders in the success of the business or organization. Duration: 2 days; Fee: P12,000.00; Speaker: Mr. Jose S. Navarro

Essentials of Lean Operation
This 3-day seminar is designed to enable you to execute changes in the processes that should result in speed, efficiency and acceleration. Lean Operations is a philosophy of operation that seeks to utilize all resources in the most efficient manner by eliminating anything that does not contribute value to the customer. The methodologies to be employed in the course aim to: 1) assess the current situation of the industry through the lean manufacturing point of view; 2) provide a context for effectively improving manufacturing operations using lean manufacturing tools; 3) train the participants in the application of the learned tools. 3 days; Fee: P10,000; Speaker: Mr. Willy Cuason

Strategic Planning for Cooperatives
This seminar aims to introduce the Strategic Planning process as a tool for Growth and Expansion is an introductory course to Network Marketing. Duration: 1 day; Fee: P10,000. Speaker: Mr. Teodoro P. Estacio

Improving Cooperatives
This one day seminar will give Cooperative Officers, Members of the Board, and other key officers like Committee chairmen how proper Controllership and the use of Management Reports could propel Cooperatives Operations into a successful, profitable entity. The course will teach participants on how to analyze and put into use recommended reports by respective key officers. The seminar will address the basic Cooperative Challenges like – Lack of Cooperative Management know-how, Members Delinquency, Poor Cash Flow, and Inadequate business planning. Duration: 1 day; Speaker: Mr. Teodoro P. Estaci. Fee is P8,500.

Network Marketing
This seminar will introduce to Entrepreneurs the concept of Network Marketing and how it can be used to grow their market coverage and increase sales turnover. For those who are already in Network Marketing, this Seminar will help participants address common pitfalls experienced in networking and improve their earning potential. Duration: 1 day; Fee is P8,500. Speaker: Mr. Teodoro P. Estacio

Work Values and Attitudes: A Seminar on Professionalism and Teamwork
This program reveals that professionalism is a mindset, consisting of a person’s values that constitute his inner life. The integrity and competence of a person are to be constantly improved so that each team member will always be committed to a goal shared by all, and will always be able to become productivity-focused and mutually supportive to each other. Duration: 2 days; Fee: P8,500; Speaker: Dr. Roque Carballo

Management Development Program: “Crash MBA”
MDP instills in participants the discipline of a comprehensive management approach through the review of the basic components of leadership and the tools of business analysis; sharpens their skills with an intensive analysis of each of the functional areas of management to help them assess their own operations and its relation to the wider business global environment; and imbibe strategic perspectives to sustain and expand business performance. 14 class days. In-house

For  the course outlines, schedule and other inquiries, please contact Macy Tulipat  at telephone numbers 637-0912  to 26 loc. 241; fax 634 -2823,  or email mtulipat@uap.edu.ph

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