Chile envoy: History reveals a “common destiny”

Chile envoy: History reveals a “common destiny”

by UA&P News Desk on January 25, 2011 - 3:43 pm

Knowledge of mutual historical values can help “build bridges” between countries, the Chilean ambassador said Friday at an awarding ceremony in UA&P.

Ambassador Roberto Mayorga encouraged students and members of the UA&P academic community to share “reciprocal knowledge” on parallel events in the Philippines’ and Chile’s histories such as when national heroes died for their motherland.

Mayorga cited the selfless act of Ninoy Aquino, which was similar to Chilean naval hero Arturo Prat’s inspiring death in the Battle of Iquique against a combined Peruvian and Bolivian fleet.

“And we must also not forget Jose Rizal’s sacrifice for his beloved country,” added Mayorga, an admirer of Rizal according to a previous report.

Honoring an “emotive” work

The Chilean envoy visited the University to recognize an essay on Prat written by UA&P humanities student Arvel Marie Salcedo for the Chilean History Contest held in the country’s top universities.

Salcedo was chosen winner in UA&P, where the contest was conducted as an activity under the Latin American studies module of the University’s Center for Pacific Rim Studies.

“Ms. Salcedo has written a nice and emotive report about the mortal sacrifice of Chilean navy captain Arturo Prat,” Mayorga said.

Salcedo’s contest piece, a review of the documentary film Prat, recounts her reflections on the “willing” bravery of the Chilean hero.

“Even though [Prat] could have easily succumbed to the enemy, he chose to sail in the rough direction alongside his men and fight till his death,” the CAS student writes.

In her essay, Salcedo also comments on “the greater relevance” of success which does not depend on winning, but on how a hero’s spirit triumphs “even as an ordinary man.”

“As I looked at it, a strong-willed loser would be better than a spiritless winner,” she said. #

~Text by Ms. Camille Diola | Photos by Mr. Carlo Cabrera | Corporate Communications Office

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