‘Asianized’ Uappy, web portal launched

‘Asianized’ Uappy, web portal launched

by Daryl Zamora, CCO on February 9, 2011 - 11:31 am

In bold red and yellow, the ‘Asianized’ look of Uappy the Dragon finally became official as UA&P President Jose Maria Mariano and CAS Student Executive Board President Jolo Valdez unrolled the tarp that bore the mascot’s new look.

Created by senior IT student Juan Paulo S. Valenton, the winning anime-style dragon bested 13 other entries in the REHATCHED Uappy redesign contest. Valenton’s design was part of the competition’s top five entries chosen by a panel of judges.

The panel included Valdez, Dr. Mariano, UA&P co-founder Dr. Bernardo Villegas, Student Affairs Head Rene Ledesma, Alumni Affairs Head Carla Estanislao, and Corporate Communications Director Chi-Chi Robles.

The top five entries were then voted upon by UA&P students, employees, and alumni. Valenton’s entry garnered 62 percent of the total votes.

Why change?

According to Leo Lee, SEB finance officer and REHATCHED organizer, the move to change Uappy’s appearance from Western to Eastern was due to the former’s traditional affinity to “bad luck.” The Chinese or Eastern dragon, on the other hand, “represents wisdom, luck, and majesty,” said Lee.

“Also, this change is in line with the [new] Strategic Plan of the University,” he added. Lee was referring to the 2010-2018 Vision revealed by Dr. Mariano in June last year. The Plan stresses the University’s mission “to contribute to the integral human development of the peoples of the Asia-Pacific region.”


Along with the unveiling of the mascot’s new look was the launching of UA&P’s web portal, www.uap.asia.

The portal includes information pertaining to admissions, academic programs, and library services. It contains the University’s official events calendar, news website, social media portal, and a soon-to-be-completed comprehensive faculty directory.

The portal also has direct access to the UA&P WebCampus, a Google-powered information and communications platform. Among the Google technologies incorporated in the platform are Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Sites, and Groups. Added to it are non-Google applications such as Manymoon (for project management) and Aviary (for media editing).

WebCampus team members, led by senior IT planner Joel Mendoza, introduced UA&P’s new online home. IT students Meg Ariola and Meg Tanael gave the audience a ‘tour’ of the WebCampus experience using a PowerPoint presentation.

Hosted by Kelly Lati and Jade Sison, the event saw a lion dance by Lenz Dragon Dance. Student dance group I-SA capped the occasion with a modern dance, receiving their schoolmates’ wild applause.

View a slideshow of the event

Text by Mr. Daryl Zamora, Corporate Communications Office
Photos by Mr. Carlo Cabrera, Corporate Communications Office

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