A ‘Free Hug,’ anyone?

A ‘Free Hug,’ anyone?

by UA&P News Desk on February 21, 2011 - 10:35 pm

Free Hug of Dulaang ROC’s recent playfest turned out to be a stirring, literally compassionate play delivering a message of friendship and concern.

Directed by Chuckie Campos Juan and written by Gerard Gotladera, the play explored the altruist Angelo, played by student-actor Louie de Leon, and his example of kindness in reaching out to his troubled friends by giving them a “free” hug.

Abandoned by her so-called friends, Dina (played by Jamie Guzman) finds a stranger beside a sign that says “Free Hug.”

The play, that ran from January 17 to January 21, expresses a sincere act of affection through the way this stranger, Angelo, attended to those who needed someone to talk to. He particularly reaches out to Dina not only by lending his ear, but by helping her to help uplift others.

The play also did a marvelous job in allowing audiences to witness several ways of practicing brotherly love through Angelo’s character, who at first seems to be in need of help, but turns out to be everyone’s unlikely hero.

Angelo’s dedication to mend hearts of emotionally trodden strangers touches not only plot-driven characters but the audiences in deeper ways than one could expect of a play.

Though with a rather simplistic plot, the play explored the theme of charity in revealing how much good a sincere, compassionate person can do. And if inspiration is what the play intended to stir, it reasonably achieves it by its bare, uncompromising demonstration of love for others. #

~ Text by Rosemary Sia, I CAS | Photos by Jireh Pihoc, I CAS

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