Real Love Revolution kicks off

Real Love Revolution kicks off

by UA&P News Desk on February 24, 2011 - 5:16 pm

This year’s Real Love Revolution campaign commenced Thursday with the first event of the series of talks featuring American speaker Jason Evert. The event held at the University of the Philippines Theater and organized by the UA&P Student Executive Board and UP Klub Tala also included a talk show and variety show where today’s young personalities shared their take on the meaning of love, sexuality and relationships. Performances of musical artists such as the Lamar Brothers and Miguel Escueta of Team ME also advocated the value of keeping pure in love. Among the talk show panelists were singers Abby Asistio and Julianne Tarroja, model-philanthropist Audrey Zubiri, newlywed Franco Ferrer of True Love Waits and medical student Aine Biaco of GUTSY Fashion Group. The following slideshow is from Thursday’s event. Click on the caption button to enable photo descriptions. In the following video, Evert talks about women’s fashion and how guys think of girls who dress modestly.

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~Photos and video by Ms. Camille Diola | Corporate Communications Office

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