Bursts of color

Bursts of color

by Angel Yulo on February 28, 2011 - 2:56 pm

If you regularly entered UA&P from Escriva Drive, you would have noticed Hanns Seidel Hall bursting with color, light, and texture. Its walls have been graced with paintings and reliefs, and its spaces have been lined with panels and spotlights. That is because the Paete Artist Guild with the help of Café Kesada has set up an exhibit of their paintings and sculptures called Banhay.

Depicted on the different works are imprints of local culture—from the animated representations of local barrio life in the paintings of Joseph Bañez to the elongated proportions of farmers and carabaos by Glenn Cagandahan. Peculiar to this collection are the hybrid “peintures”— fusions of painting and sculpture—distinct to Angelo Baldemor.

As I went around, I felt the tension between the different works curated by Ms. Mairene Leynes of the Arts Department as they are arranged beside each other. It is as if one work sheds light to another by means of contrast, each highlighting the uniqueness and strength of another.

Just as the artists of Paete came together to form the guild, the Fine Arts students in the College of Arts and Science under the direction of Ms. Leynes  teamed up to mount and manage the exhibition. Truly, Banhay is a tribute to the creativity an individual can achieve through cooperation and the support of the local community. #

~Text by Angel Yulo, III CAS

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