Have you seen that hungry servant?

Have you seen that hungry servant?

by Camille Diola on March 15, 2011 - 4:53 pm

Truffaldino, the lead character in UA&P Kultura’s adaptation of the 18th century¬†Commedia del Arte “The Servant of Two Masters,” has shaky loyalties and constant hunger.

Palanca awardee X Vallez transformed this Italian comedy into one with toothsome Filipino humor, pop culture references, catchy whistling score and homegrown Kultura talents who have recently made their way into the larger theatrical scene.

The slideshow captures not only scenes from the play but also takes us inside the theater before every show: the director giving a pep talk, actors making odd speech exercises, praying as a group and an actor-less stage set.

Photos by Ms. Camille Diola, Corporate Communications Office

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