Student leaders vow ‘unitas’ by collaboration

Student leaders vow ‘unitas’ by collaboration

by UA&P News Desk on June 23, 2011 - 11:50 am

Officers of various UA&P student organizations shared aspirations, successes and leadership values in the first Unitas Leaders Assembly (ULA) last month.

Led by the Center of Student Affairs’ Civics desk and assisted by the Student Executive Boards, the participants took part in various team building activities and discussions on matters concerning the student body.

Carl Moog, president of Pharos, the Student Executive Board of the School of Education, learned the art of collaboration among different organizations over seeing only opportunities for competition.

“We are here to serve together in the first place,” Moog said.

This new collaborative approach in student activities was also envisioned by Joaquin Coromina, secretary of theater group Viare, through the assembly.

“I noticed that (our) vision of Viare did not only contain Viare, it contained all the other organizations, it contained UA&P,” Coromina said.

Bea Mendiola of the Creative Writers’ Guild added, “ULA made me realize that leadership is about … serving my org better and also helping to expand its horizons through collaboration with other orgs.”

CAS Student Executive Board Sports and Extracurricular officer JJ Bambao expressed his eagerness to apply resolutions made in the event.

“I’m looking forward to putting into action what we have learned,” he said.

University President Jose Maria Mariano also encouraged the audience of student leaders to write down their experiences for the next generations of Dragons to refer to.

“You take down notes, you take down notes,” Dr. Mariano said. “This will be the praxis for our 400th anniversary.”

The President said that this “obsession with praxis” is not just a state of mind but a way of facilitating the work of those who are coming after, “so they … don’t have to relearn things.”. #

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