Appeal to Congress

Appeal to Congress

by UA&P News Desk on August 10, 2011 - 3:35 pm

Jose C. Sison’s column “A Law Each Day,” from the Philippine Star

A recent news item that readily caught my attention is about a young couple, Arnold 36, and Creselda 32, who became the parents of quadruplets, two boys and two girls, last July 22, 2011. Having quadruplets is indeed so noteworthy because according to the Director of the Hospital which provided the facilities and services for free, the odds are one in 100,000. But more noticeable in the case of Arnold and Creselda is that they already have five kids ages two to nine! This means they will have nine young children to take care of, yet they remain undaunted and full of hope.

Our legislators now discussing the RH bill should perhaps take to heart Arnold’s message after the birth of the quadruplets. The happy father considered their children as God’s blessings and dauntlessly said that “The Lord gave them to us. He has a plan for our children, that is why He gave them to us… I believe that God will provide. He will help us survive. He gave the babies to us and I know He will not do this if we cannot take care of them”. God provides indeed as the services given to Creselda and the babies which would normally cost over a million pesos were shouldered by the City Government of Manila where Arnold works as field coordinator of the Manila Youth Bureau. Certainly, the couple will be receiving more assistance and help from many other generous hearts in our country. If Arnold and Creselda decided to use contraceptives, they would not have received those quadruple blessings from God.

Come to think of it, if we pass the RH bill which promotes the use of contraceptives, and assuming that these contraceptives merely prevent conception or the beginning of a new life, although it has already been shown that they also have direct and indirect link to abortion, then we are actually rejecting God’s blessings. Indeed, promoting the use of contraceptive not only runs counter to tenets of any kind of religion, but is also not in keeping with the Filipino tradition and culture prohibiting the rejection of God’s blessing or what our ancestors always reminded us, “huwag tumanggi sa grasya”. Indeed our culture taught us that renouncing God’s blessings has many dire consequences in life — “ang tumanggi sa grasya ay madi-disgrasya”.

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