Humanities alumna makes news

Humanities alumna makes news

by UA&P News Desk on August 26, 2011 - 2:28 pm

The Philippine Star’s Young Star section named UA&P Humanities alumna Valerie Chua in an article featuring young, talented illustrators whose styles capture audiences.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer also interviewed Chua in a recent article “Drawn Together” where the young artist talks about how the University has helped her showcase her skills in a public venue.

From “Manila, this is art” by Carina Santos, from the Philippine Star

Valerie Chua

Currently: Doing freelance for numerous local and international publications and has worked for a number of clients.


Val graduated from the University of Asia and the Pacific with a BA degree in humanities, but it was in art that she found her niche. She’s a self-taught artist — one determined to create art without sacrificing the volume and breadth of her personal works.

Valerie’s work is refreshing — a quiet retreat from the fast-paced world of vector illustration that pervades this field today. She works mainly with watercolor, gouache and acrylic, choosing the route of traditional art. Imbued with femininity and grace, her work captures the quiet sort of life, coupled with a seeming reverence for silence and spaces. Which isn’t to say that her work is lifeless and boring. Val works with a lot of colors, but they come in whispers instead of shouts. She catches your eye, instead, with quiet and intimate moments.

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From “Drawn together” by Shai Lagarde, from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Valerie Chua, 20something

Alternative name: Green-tea from

Education: BA Humanities grad, UA& P

Occupation: Freelance illustrator

Claim to fame:   Award-winning illustrations have been on exhibits and publications both locally and internationally. Has a line of illustrated postcards and stationery  on

Signature style: “My work falls under figurative illustrative art. The themes range from mature to innocent and childlike, sometimes just purely decorative.”

Medium: “Traditional mediums like watercolor, gouache and acrylic. Sometimes, I scan my works and turn them into digital collage or composite works—different traditional pieces stuck together digitally to create a cohesive work.”

Her story: I drew a bit when I was little.  I  took Humanities in UA&P because it’s closer to art. All those classes in literature kept my imagination running. I started drawing in sophomore year, and the Student Affairs office  were incredibly supportive and sponsored my first solo exhibit.  I guess a positive audience plays a big role in my being an artist.

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Featured image from screenshots of Ms. Chua's blog
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