“It’s agriculture, stupid!”

“It’s agriculture, stupid!”

by UA&P News Desk on September 12, 2011 - 3:58 pm

UA&P economists call for greater emphasis on agri sector

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada website recently featured a study from the UA&P Center for Food and Agribusiness that spells the “key roles” of agriculture in the country’s economic development.

Authored by the the center’s Executive Director Dr. Rolando Dy, the research highlights global challenges and opportunities for the agribusiness sector, as well as how the country “lags miserably” in Southeast Asia in agri-food exports.

He sees a potential for growth with opportunities for those who can compete within the sector in the next decades. Among these are the trend of “rising incomes and wealth in Asia, particularly in China, Indian and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. ” which includes the Philippines, “[that] will spur demand for higher value added products.”

On a similar track, University Professor Dr. Bernardo Villegas continued to call for greater political efforts on agricultural development in his Inquirer column a few weeks ago by citing the cases of the Philippines’ neighboring countries’ who have found economic success from investments in farm infrastructures.

“It’s agriculture, stupid!’ That’s what we have to tell our economic leaders,”  Dr. Villegas wrote. “Pundits who are attributing the difference to population control are barking up the wrong tree.”

Dr. Villegas also mentioned Dr. Dy who has presented multiple evidences about “the backwardness of Philippine agriculture compared to Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Thailand’s inclusive growth, however, also met an unfortunate position for being “the first country in the world to grow old before becoming rich,” the economist wrote.

“Because of its rapidly aging population, Thailand is no longer considered among the attractive emerging markets over the next 10 to 20 years,” Dr. Villegas continued. #

Featured photo: Pineapple Triptych by Mark-John Photographic
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