A kiddie FC of UA&P charges in tourney

A kiddie FC of UA&P charges in tourney

by Nicollo Ordonez on September 16, 2011 - 5:08 pm

'The Magic 8' as they call themselves.

Our university has a football club unbeknown to many. The team is of the exceptional sort, not exactly regarded as varsity with players from among our students, but they are no less formed through our University. Eight boys from San Joaquin Elementary School aged eleven to thirteen years old make up this team.

Diego, 11, is one of Biggkas FC's best players.

Collectively named “Biggkas FC” after OSA Civics Desk’s Biggkas Football Summer Clinic , these youngsters were handpicked from San Joaquin Public Elementary School by UA&P student volunteers who serve as coaches.

Biggkas FC first competed in Football for Good tournament sponsored by Henry V. Moran Foundation and the La Salle Greenhills school last August 27. The rules of the match were simple: each team played five games of fifteen minutes in six-aside matches. The team with the highest number of points would compete in the finals.

Now on its second year, Football for Good was designed to promote football among the youth, welcoming any qualified team who wished to participate for free to give highly skilled but less fortunate players a chance to deliver.

Biggkas FC and its coaches trained weekly for two months before the tournament. The coaches first instructed the kids in basic football skills like passing, dribbling, and scoring—most of which they already learned at the Summer Clinic—then went on to teach them strategic formations.

Coach Dominic (II, School of Sciences and Engineering) observed that even though the kids would compete on the field, fundamental skills of football could well be learned indoors in San Joaquin Elementary School. He found that the training sessions held in a covered court was also a convenient location for the young players who just lived nearby.

With the support of our university, balls and cones were used during the training sessions. Another coach, Gus (IV, College of Arts and Sciences), added that because the school’s basketball court was covered, they didn’t have to cancel training sessions even if it rained hard.

BIGGKAS FC, UA&P student coaches at their homecourt in San Joaquin

Anxious, but with high hopes

 The kids felt nervous on the day of the tournament. Since Football for Good was the first tournament the FC would participate in, it was also their first time to play competitively again different teams from different places. They also noticed how players from other teams stood taller and bigger than they are. But when they finally wore their red and white team uniforms, they gained more confidence, which the coaches further boosted with words of encouragement, which they listened to very attentively.

The team played five games that day, growing stronger as a team after every match. They initially played great defense while trailing in offense.

Three draws, one win, one loss

The first game ended as a draw with no goals for both teams. But it was in the second game was where things started to get interesting. They played against bigger kids, and so the coaches reminded them to keep up their defense. This game ended with the opposing team scoring three goals. Biggkas FC, however, managed to score its first goal. The fans of Biggkas FC, composed of the players’ parents, coaches, and UA&P staff and students, were ecstatic!

Biggkas FC managed to score another goal in its third game. The third and fourth game ended with a tie.

In the fifth and game, more students of the university swung by to watch. It was noticeable how much the kids enjoyed being cheered on by their ­kuyas and ates of our school. The kids did their best in the final match. Even if it rained hard, that did not stop the kids from playing well.

Since the La Salle field was muddy that day, the coaches urged them to kick the ball upwards so that they could run for the ball without having to slow down. The strategy worked in the end and Biggkas FC scored three goals while their opponents scored none. That made the kids happy, capping the final, decisive match determining their tourney rank. Biggkas FC finished with a total of five points. They may not have gone to the finals but they were proud that they did well in their first tournament.

Our young football stars went home tired. But after seeing how well they played in their first tournament, the kids are preparing to train more. With the determined support of UA&P people, Barangay San Joaquin and parents who helped out, it would not be difficult to imagine that these children could also get into the finals someday. #

Photos by Paula Fajardo, II School of Sciences and Engineering

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