REG Advisory: Enlistment and Registration for 2nd Semester

REG Advisory: Enlistment and Registration for 2nd Semester

by UA&P News Desk on September 19, 2011 - 12:19 pm

Registrar’s Advisory

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Second Semester, SY 2011-2012

The following guidelines and procedure for ONLINE ENLISTMENT/VIEWING and ON-CAMPUS REGISTRATION shall be observed by all students:


  1. First year students will remain to be in their   BLOCK sections.
  2. During their designated schedule, they can VIEW the subjects enlisted by REG with no authority to delete or edit enlisted subjects.
  3. They may PRINT their RCs or Registration Certificates in or off campus.


  1. Upper level students shall be given the window to enlist online their CAS subjects and /or   specialized subjects offered for them for 2nd semester. They must ensure that they enlist their CAS back subjects offered for the semester.
  2. Printing of RCs may be done ANYWHERE after enlisting their Foreign Language (if applicable) and/or specialized subjects.
  3. Students with no access to print may proceed to REG during their designated schedule to claim their printed RCs before payment.
  4. As a rule, all P.E. back subjects must be taken and completed before reaching 4th year.


  •  Because upper level students are provided the window and the freedom to choose and enlist their subjects for the semester, CHANGING schedule of  enlisted subjects will no longer  be entertained effective this 2nd semester
  •  For PAYMENT thru BPI:
    • Payment of tuition and fees may be made thru any branch of BPI under Account No. 0201-0414-73
    • Deposit slip must be sent thru Fax No. (02)634-2832 and receipt thereof must be confirmed by calling UA&P Tel. No. (02)637-0912 loc 338.  Payment will only be reflected in the student’s account upon receipt of the deposit slip which can also be submitted during ON CAMPUS enrollment according to the student’s schedule for payment.
  • For PAYMENT On-Campus:
    • All students who come on their designated on campus registration schedule shall follow the following procedure:
      1. Approval / Validation of  RCs by REG
      2. ASSESSMENT / PAYMENT of FEES at Accounting,  and
      3. ID validation by REG


After printing their RCs, Scholars come on their designated on campus registration schedule for the following:

  1. Approval of RC by REG c/o Ms. Ethel Dizon
  2. Validation of RC by ADM c/o Ms. Corrie Medina
  3. Assessment by Accounting
  4. ID validation by REG

It is necessary that step 1) c.  is carried out to ascertain inclusion of scholar’s name in the class lists of enrolled subjects.

IDs not validated for 2nd semester will not be honored by security for entry starting November 15, 2011.

Non-payment of fees on time / according to students’ payment schedule will be subject to the penalty policy of the university.

For questions / further verification, call local 226; 406 or 322.



Ma. Humildad F. Claro
University Registrar

Enrollment and Payment Schedule

Download this schedule in .PDF format »


  1. For payments thru checks. Write  your name and telephone number at the back of the check.
  2.  For payments thru credit cards. We have BPI and Citibank POS terminals. We accept Paylite payments using Citibank credit cards and S.I.P. payments using BPI cards. Related bank charges, if any, will not be shouldered by UA&P.
  3. Post dated and out-of-town checks are not accepted.
  4.  An official receipt will be issued after receipt of payment.
  5.  A student is considered officially enrolled only after he has paid the tuition and other fees according to his chosen payment scheme.

Note: For Merit Scholars, Financial Assistance and Employee Dependent Benefit grantees; please proceed to Registrar’s Office and Admissions Office first for validation of subjects before proceeding to “CAS 104” for assessment/payment.

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