Chile builds cultural ties with the Philippines

Chile builds cultural ties with the Philippines

by UA&P News Desk on September 21, 2011 - 2:31 pm

from the Manila Times, Expats & Diplomats section

Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga (center) with President Jose Maria Mariano (left) unveil a commemorative plaque in UA&P to mark the celebration of the Chilean National Day held in the University.

IN celebrating 201 years of Independence, Chilean Ambassador to the Philippines Roberto Mayorga outlined his plans for future bilateral relations between the two countries during his speech (reproduced below) delivered at the National Day reception held at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

With the occasion of the 201 years of the Independence of Chile, it is an honor for me to convey the warmest message of friendship from the President of Chile, Sebastian Piñera to the Philippine Nation, its Government and its people.

We have initiated this ceremony with interfaith prayers for the present and future of the Philippines and Chile, because we would like to give this event a spiritual and also cultural dimension.

But before explaining the cultural dimension, allow me to highlight the status of our political and economic relationship.

Politically, we share with the Philippines a solid commitment with democracy and the effective guarantee of human rights and we work together to achieve these goals in all the international entities in which we are members.

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Today we would like to honor the Philippines. In effect, with the support of University of Asia and the Pacific and University of Santa Tomas, we are going to launch a new contest open also to all the students of the Philippines, about “Calidad Huamana” (Human Compassion; Sense of Humanity). It is not easy to find an exact translation to this Spanish concept!

But I am totally sure that all here agree that the Philippines is one of the friendliest countries in the world.

People in the Philippines always find the time and patience to listen to their friends, their troubles, their aspirations and to share with them. They possess a strong commitment with their families. Of course, there are exceptions. Naturally in a community there are always exceptions—we are not in paradise.

Nevertheless, Filipinos are mainly humble, receptive, tolerant and embedded with numerous spiritual values.

They look beyond the problem existing in the country, like for instance poverty or natural disasters. They enjoy a constant “Alegria de Vivir” (Happiness to Live).

They are people that always sing, dance and smile, filled with faith, hope, music, heroism and poetry. It is not by chance that Jose Rizal was born in the Philippines!

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Photo by Mr. Carlo Cabrera, Corporate Communications Office

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