University scholars: “We can!”

University scholars: “We can!”

by UA&P News Desk on October 6, 2011 - 4:59 pm

By Eunice Contreras*, III School of Education

Over the years, the number of scholars in the University of Asia and the Pacific has ballooned. This year alone, the University welcomed 105 freshmen scholars! While privileged to receive grants from UA&P, they are asked to aim for academic and extra curricular excellence.

Along with the ‘pressure’ of making the grades, we scholars also have the responsibility of giving back to the University one way or another, such as in rendering services to administrative units. With the amount of time spent studying and working, it is only fitting that they receive all the support that they can get. Sabio, a student organization in the University, aims to do just that.

Sabio is only a year and a couple of months old that many people ask “Ano yun?” when they hear of it, being more familiar with ISKO, known before as a similar committee under the CAS-Student Executive Board. It was only in June of 2010 that Sabio was born through the efforts of Gladys Documento and Mark Julian Villaluna. Sabio is the official scholars’ organization of UA&P. Carrying a Spanish word meaning “wise” or “learned”, the organization amply describes what the University’s scholars should be–students who strive to achieve excellence. The organization’s motto Possumus (“We can!” in Latin) refers to optimism and effort that the University’s scholars aim to exercise.

Sabio limits its membership to scholars to provide them with a more balanced academic life and a more meaningful college experience.

Sabio’s core team for this school year has prepared a set of activities and workshops that will help provide human, cultural and professional formation. One of the activities in Sabio’s calendar is the Teambuilding that was held last July 16. Nearly 80 scholars took part in the activities that aimed to promote people and social skills among the participants as well as to foster camaraderie and friendship among the members.

The University Scholars Program’s First Workshop was also held last August 10 on the topic Building Confidence. The workshop series was prepared by the Guidance Center and the first of five sessions was given by veteran broadcaster Mrs. Chi-Chi Robles, Managing Director of UA&P’s Corporate Communications Office.

Other activities to look forward to are the Outreach program in cooperation with BIGGKAS and a Christmas Party. The Academic Counseling and Tutorial Services (ACTS) will also be launched very soon. ACTS aims to be the venue where scholars can concretely help other students with their academic concerns and to foster the spirit of excellence among the student body through offering of tutorial sessions.

As a year-ender project, the Scholars’ Night aims to gather all the scholars of the University to recognize the organization’s successful projects, to acknowledge the achievements of the scholars, and most especially, to show appreciation to the benefactors that made UA&P’s Scholarship Program possible and accessible to the students.

Truly, by joining the organization, the students are not only given the chance to help other people through the different activities of Sabio inside and outside the university, but they are also given a venue where they can hone their academic, social, and leadership skills. Scholars will surely revel in the warm environment from their fellow scholars, lots of learning, and fun!

 *Eunice Contreras is the current president of Sabio

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