Good thinkers are good listeners –Dr. Dumol

Good thinkers are good listeners –Dr. Dumol

by camille.rellosa on October 11, 2011 - 11:59 am

Known playwright and academician Dr. Paul Dumol, in a talk on Learning How to Think in UA&P,  discussed how listening develops our brains.

“If you listen well, my thinking becomes your thinking,” he said, talking about how students can cope in class. But listening is not the only thinking technique. Reading is, too. “Always read something which is a little difficult for you, if you want to develop your brain,” Dr. Dumol added.

He recommended a book entitled ‘How to Read a Book’ by Mortimer Adler to further expand our knowledge on the value of the written word. Reading, however, has primacy over listening, according to Dr. Dumol, since listening is learning directly from “a living brain” rather than from a “frozen brain.”

Listening well to good thinkers and reading more advanced materials are training for good thinkers, since these activities give “muscle stamina” to human brains, he said. Listening to those with muddled thinking, on the other hand, will also affect our thinking skills.

“The best way to learn how to think is by listening. Listening to whom? Listening to good thinkers.” ~Dr. Paul Dumol

On why we have to improve on our way of thinking, he said that people should learn to adjust and consider the people that they are dealing with. “As you go up the corporate ladder, you are required more to think,” he said.

Dr. Dumol, an associate professor in the University, finished his master’s degree in Liberal Arts and Philosophy at the University of Navarre, Spain and his doctorate of Philosophy in Medieval studies from the University of Totonto, Canada.

Direct Quotes from Dr. Dumol

“The best way to develop your brain is by thinking.”

“Best way to learn how to think is by listening. Listening to whom? Listening to good thinkers.”

“Attention is important.”

“Listening is superior”

“Thinking is not one generic activity, it changes according to subject matter.”

“You have to learn how to think and listen accurately.”

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