To our dear students and their parents,

To our dear students and their parents,

by UA&P News Desk on November 10, 2011 - 9:47 am

We hope the semestral break was a restful and enjoyable time for all of you.

We are writing to you in relation to the difficulties we have encountered in the enrollment process this school year. In the first semester a confluence of administrative issues has resulted in the unprecedented problems. Those issues were appropriately addressed way before the start of the second semester enrollment. Unfortunately, this time unexpected technical issues disrupted the online enlistment process. We apologize for all the inconveniences and frustrations these may have caused you.

The experience taught us that whatever efforts we have been doing in recent years to address recurring problems in online enlistment are not enough and that we have to undertake a more thorough review and, if necessary, reform of the entire enrollment system. We would like to acknowledge those who sent us emails and those who posted messages in social networking sites. Many complained while some gave suggestions and a few even offered to help—we thank all of you for letting us know your sentiments.

Based on our records, seventy to eighty percent of students who accessed the online enlistment system this semester were able to enlist online albeit with some delay. While that represents a majority, we truly regret that the other twenty to thirty percent of our students had an unpleasant and unsuccessful experience with the online system. We know that some of them also had similar disappointments with the online system in past enrollments and are understandably feeling frustrated if not angry.

Our initial investigation showed that never before encountered problems with the servers and the network caused the unpredictable behavior of the online enlistment system. We lament that the root causes could not be identified early enough and definitive solutions could not be applied fast enough. In the coming weeks these solutions will be retested and the servers reinstalled. We have also threshed out communication issues that compounded the online enlistment problem.

To ensure that the next enlistment will be a smoother and more efficient process, we have requested the Registrar’s Office, the Management Information Services, and the Department of Information Science and Technology to collaborate in stress-testing the system way in advance. Overarching these measures is an in-depth review of the enrollment system which we will begin very soon.

With this behind us, let us look forward to a fruitful and enjoyable second semester.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Very truly yours,

Amado P. Saquido, PhD
Vice President for Academic Affairs

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