SCM releases comprehensive teen study

SCM releases comprehensive teen study

by Camille Diola on November 22, 2011 - 9:52 am

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Report shows millennials as chronic multitaskers

Today’s young Filipino people who grew up with an array of media platforms available to them do not just stop at watching their favorite shows on television. They also listen to music, surf the internet, or text their friends while tuned to the TV, according to a study conducted by the School of Communication (SCM) and a research agency.

PSRC’s Mr. Emil Avenido, who co-authored the report, mentioned in a briefing with advertising and communications practitioners last November 4 how earlier generations are puzzled by these young digital natives who manage to pull such multitasking feats.

Mr. Avenido’s team of researchers conducted the quantitative-qualitative study among 400 Filipino teens across all demographic sectors in Metro Manila to find out “what drives today’s youth” and “what kind of lives they lead,” as stated in a reference material.

The study also presents the correlation of young people’s attitudes, behavior and aspirations with their environment and family background.

Fifty-four percent of teens considered as “wholesome conformists” brought up by both parents and are 13 to 16 years old espouse time-tested values such as giving importance on religion, following traditional family norms and having adverse attitudes toward pornography and violence in the media.

“Fearless receptive teens,” on the other hand, value freedom without external pressures and open to risks involved in “finding their own identity,” according to the study. These teens making up 39 percent of the sample are usually college students and more likely come from broken homes or raised by single parents.

The remaining 8 percent of teens who are mostly males and likely brought up by single mothers make more practical decisions and live for the moment. These “pragmatic souls” as the study calls them, have shakeable beliefs and norms and “feel trapped in their current situation” urging them to “provide solutions for their dilemmas.”

Other findings of the report include teens’ preferred brands, channels, online and offline activities, purchasing trends and depth of relationships.

SCM dean Dr. Jerome Kliatchko said during the briefing that the study will be updated annually for the next two years to observe changes in their lifestyle and values across time.

The School also said that the study will help marketing and advertising practitioners craft better their campaigns targeted to teens on the basis of the values and attitudes of today’s young people. #

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