Thought leaders to examine justice and wisdom

Thought leaders to examine justice and wisdom

by Camille Diola on December 1, 2011 - 5:13 pm

High-ranking scholars and researchers from around the globe will gather at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) on Friday to discuss how social justice and wisdom interplay in the fields of education and culture.

Originally convened by the University in 1995, this year’s International Conference on Education and Culture (CE&C) looks at different dimensions of justice in several sessions that allow “a free exchange of ideas” between its participants, according to a statement by distinguished playwright and intellectual Dr. Paul Dumol.

Among the issues expected to be tackled in the biyearly conference are the integration of technical expertise and the humanities in the professional world, multiculturalism  in the Asia Pacific region, the difficulty in promoting cultural products, and the need of the human being for justice and wisdom.

Liberal education as a mother idea, which the University hopes to advance, will also be brought to light by the academics, who will include professors from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

Conference organizer Ms. Maria Concepcion Lagos said observers from other institutions and the media have also been invited to sit through the discussions and contribute by forwarding written comments to participants.

University President Dr. Jose Maria Mariano stated in the conference notes that CE&C was an idea of UA&P co-founder and former finance secretary Dr. Jesus Estanislao whose involvement at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation stirred him to aspire for a “humaneness of growth and development in the region.”

The event was also patterned after the Williamburg Conference, a “pre-eminent gathering of leading Americans and Asians committed to strengthening US-Asia relations,” according to #

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