Have you LOLed?

Have you LOLed?

by Angel Yulo on December 5, 2011 - 3:40 pm

Why did the chicken cross the road? There are over a gazillion ways of answering that question to turn it into a good joke. Why did ViARE take on the stage last October? To make people laugh out loud: LOL! And there were four great one-act plays that did just that: Adaptations Nuts! and There Shall Be No Bottom, and UA&P originals Shish Happens and, Shakespeare Has Left the Building.

A scene from Viare's 'LOL!'

Freshmen composed a bulk of the production team, with a number of them stepping onstage for the first time as scions of the UA&P theater scene. New acting methods, directing, and production talents were brought to fore and caused audiences to gasp for air and shed tears in incessant laughter. The ruckus made by both cast and audience was the only necessary proof that LOL! was the fitting name for the whole production.

The showdates also proved how laughter, indeed, is the best kind of medicine.  Boy, was that prescription right on target. After all, there could be no better time to release all the anxiety and take a break than a week before exams.

Squirrels running around PLDT and Telengtan halls, Shakespeare out of his grave, good actors pretending to be bad actors who are trying to be good actors, and fictional characters leaping out of a play’s pages. If this whole smorgasbord of antics and punch lines could not make any viewer laugh, perhaps he should just stick it out with the chicken who wanted to get to the other side. #

Photos by Dale Garcia
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