An array of tributes to Rizal

An array of tributes to Rizal

by Camille Diola on December 27, 2011 - 2:43 pm

National hero Jose Rizal, whose 150th birth anniversary the country celebrates this year, has been the focus of recent events in the University that contribute to a growing knowledge on Rizal and pay tribute to the Filipino patriot.

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Philippine Center for Civic Education and Democracy (PCCED) gathered around 70 educators from various fields to “revisit” what is taught about Rizal in schools and introduce the hero’s ideas on citizenship through primary texts.

Dr. Klaus Zeller

PCCED Executive Director Dr. Clement Camposano, who gave the keynote address on the Rizal course in schools’ curricula, also gave a lecture on what he calls the hero’s “greater retraction” than his alleged disavowal of anti-Catholic ideas before his execution.

Dr. Camposano said that more attention should be given to Rizal’s retraction or “transition” from the more liberal and anti-clerical Noli Me Tangere to the more ethics-centered El Filibusterismo where Rizal focuses on “Filipinos’ lack of civic virtue” as “the more fundamental problem.”

Filipino Department’s Dr. Leodovico Lacsamana zeroed in on Rizal’s postcolonial voice in his major literary works, seen by how his characters exhibit a deep awareness of societal issues and have fragmented national identities.

Speakers for the “Understanding Rizal and His Civic Designs” conference also included distinguished scholar Dr. Paul Dumol, former German Ambassador Dr. Klaus Zeller, and Spanish Ambassador Jorge Domecq.

In a similar thematic, the University’s art center Kultura recently exhibited works of photographers among student, alumni and staff at the Dizon Lobby that express Rizal’s “vision of a nation” such as in practicing the virtues of truth, goodness, justice, and self-sacrifice.

Besides photographs, the exhibit “Reflecting Rizal” also presented verses by the national hero in new ways—by having viewers read them through a mirror to reinforce the theme, and by placing them as descriptions of displayed works.

Dr. Paul Dumol also gave a talk on the icon’s ideas on citizenship as part of IMC alumnus Mr. Carlos Creencia’s photography workshop last October. #

Photos courtesy of PCCED
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