Business gurus grace SMN week

Business gurus grace SMN week

by Camille Diola on December 27, 2011 - 3:28 pm

A number of brightest minds in business from within the country and the global arena stepped in the University to share nuggets of wisdom to students and staff for the School of Management’s foundation week.

Hyundai CEO Ms. Fe Agudo

Among them was influential global strategist Dr. Pankaj Ghemawat, a professor from IESE Business School, who visited the University to conduct a briefing for top executives and launch his book World 3.0, a treatise on how growth amid the financial crisis can be achieved by maximizing the potentials of globalization.

Opening the week with a magisterial lecture, MsCM and BSBA program director Dr. Avic Caparas shared the findings of an international study on work-life balance practices of businesses, while citing data from Filipino respondents.

“The Philippines is generally family responsible,” Dr. Caparas said, mentioning how Filipinos also have a stronger desire to contribute to their community compared to their global counterparts.

Her work, in collaboration with IESE professors, resulted in an international family responsible environment index that organizations can use to “protect human ecology” in assuring that employees “fulfill their duties as spouses and parents,” she added.

CEOs Ms. Fe Agudo of Hyundai Asia Resources, Mr. Martin Lorenzo of Pancake House, Mr. Chris Po of food giant Century Pacific and Ms. Cristina Tan of wholesale distributor Suysing also recounted in a forum for stuednts their paths to success.

“Don’t waste time. Make it happen beginning today,” Ms. Agudo said, encouraging management majors to find their professional vocation they can be passionate about.

Mr. Lorenzo, whose company recently acquired the pizza chain Yellow Cab, admitted that much of the needed skills in business cannot be acquired in the classroom, but through experience.

“In my MBA school, I learned a lot but I’m only using 10 percent of what I learned … the 90 percent is learning how to treat and work with other people,” Mr. Lorenzo said. “And I am happy that UA&P is focusing on teaching all of you how to work with and treat people around you.”

SMN Dean Dr. Winston Padojinog also delivered a lecture for UA&P staff on financial literacy, helping them manage their personal funds, especially for the future.

Information-loaded events as these served as intervals of other activities involving students—from a casual sports festival, a Christmas bazaar featuring products of Entrepreneurial Management majors, an outreach program, to the more formal induction, recognition, and incorporation rites. #

Photos by Mr. Carlo Cabrera and Ms. Camille Diola, Corporate Communications Office
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