A Christmas affair for our ates and kuyas

A Christmas affair for our ates and kuyas

by Angel Yulo on December 29, 2011 - 2:46 pm

The current senior batch decided to throw a Christmas party for our ates and kuyas in campus before heading to our Christmas vacation. It was a fun afternoon of games, raffle prizes, presentations, and more importantly, expressions of gratitude.

The staff members were very appreciative of the festivity while our batch was given a venue to voice out our thanks to these people who have facilitated our stay in the university.

These guards, technicians, photocopy machine operators, janitors, drivers, and gardeners are the ones who make sure that day-to-day operations of our school are taken care of. They make it happen.

Pope Benedict XVI said that beauty, which the auxiliary staff try to maintain in our surroundings, directs people to God while Mother Teresa mentioned that it is in silence that we hear Him. Our ates and kuyas keep our campus the perfect place for learning. Here we find a connection. The daily work of these people makes our campus a place where the divine is manifested.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the coming of Our Lord. For our batch, and hopefully the succeeding seniors, we also celebrate those who have been helping us see Him every day for the past year. #

Photos by Andreo Bongco, IV IMC
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