University founder named “Outstanding Filipino”

University founder named “Outstanding Filipino”

by UA&P News Desk on January 4, 2012 - 4:42 pm

University co-founder and full professor Dr. Jesus Estanislao recently received  The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award for his influential work in promoting good public governance.

Dr. Estanislao, a former economic planning and finance secretary under the Corazon Aquino presidency, contributed greatly in the post-Martial Law rehabilitation of the Development Bank of the Philippines and went on to establish not-for-profit institutions that push his vision for a better nation, particularly in the area of governance.

Among the organizations he founded are UA&P, the Institute for Solidarity in Asia, Foundations for People Development, and the Institute of Corporate Directors.

A Harvard and Fordham-educated scholar and summa cum laude graduate of San Carlos University, he is also the country’s foremost authority on governance, serving on the citizen advisory boards of the Philippine Navy, the Philippine Army, and the Philippine National Police.

Dr. Estanislao joins four other recipients of the TOFIL Award this year, namely Mr. Jose Pardo of the Philippine Stock Exchange for business, physician Dr. Ramon Nery for public service, organic products advocate Ms. Sylvia Pendon for entrepreneurship, and Dr. Emerlinda Roman of the University of the Philippines for education.

The award, granted by JCI Senate Philippines and Insular Life Assurance Company since 1988, honors those like Dr. Estanislao who “by their life work exemplify excellence and service to humanity.”

Search chairman Mr. Reginald T. Yu of TOFIL referred to the awardees in a statement as “heroes…who create standards by which others are judged.” #

Photos from the Institute of Solidarity Asia
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