“I expect UA&P students’ noses to bleed”

“I expect UA&P students’ noses to bleed”

by Nicollo Ordonez on March 5, 2012 - 11:01 am

Rachelle Flores as Ginang Makbet and Chuckie Campos Juan in the title role.

Two-time Palanca Award winner and alumnus Christian “Juan Ekis” Vallez co-wrote a Filipino translation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth in complete rhyme and meter for the first time in literary history, surpassing National Artist Rolando Tinio‘s partial rendition of the tragedy.

In staging and writing the play, Vallez told UA&P News that he hoped the students’ noses to bleed through the faithful translation of the play in Filipino. He also wished to expand the knowledge and appreciation of Filipino vocabulary in the university.


“I’m hoping they understand the general plot, kahit hindi nila naintindihan yung words, basta they understand the story, that’s a great leap already,” Vallez said.

His writing collaboration with Economics student and budding playwright Jay-Ar Mira resulted in the successful staging of Makbet, Dulaang Rock Opera Company’s recently concluded production that has broken new grounds in the University’s theater scene.

The writing duo alternated the translation of each scene in preparing the play’s script. Vallez, who also directed the play, translated the even scenes, while Mira worked on the odd scenes. “We were rehearsing while translating… so I can rehearse those parts while Jay-ar was [writing] the next scene”, Vallez said.

They set Makbet in a post-apocalyptic stage design while steampunk, a science fiction genre, inspired the costumes. The play, held at the Telengtan Hall from February 2 to 17, 2012, featured a large set design of pipes extending from nearly each side of the hall.

In planning the stage design, Vallez pictured people living underground after a nuclear explosion in 2040. The play also made use of effusive smoke machines and psychedelic colors as lighting to complement the play’s context.

The two-and-half-hour duration of the play was meaningful to each Dulaang ROC member in the production. Mikee Delfin (II, Institute of Political Economy) said that balancing the time she had with rehearsals, family and academics was the toughest challenge throughout the run.

She said the preparations outlasted the play’s running time and the crew had to stay late in school almost every night just to finish rehearsals for the day. “Mas ma-drama ang mismong process ng production kaysa sa mismong pinalabas namin,” Mikee added.

Makbet was was also chosen as a charity of the YesPinoy Foundation, a charity institution founded by actor Dingdong Dantes. The actor watched Makbet with actress Marian Rivera last February 16. #

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