Month of hearts, month of arts

Month of hearts, month of arts

by Camille Diola on March 22, 2012 - 11:06 am

UA&P President Dr. Mariano watch 'Makbet' with Yes Pinoy Foundation chair Dingdong Dantes as actress Marian Rivera and UA&P University Secretary Dr. Arwin Vibar look on. | Photo by Cecilia Forbes

 UA&P celebrates National Arts Month

When love is in the air, so is beauty, and perhaps this is what makes February the perfect month to celebrate human creativity. As a humanities-centered University, we fondly observed the National Arts Month with a whirlwind lineup of events to make the UA&P community experience the value of artistic disciplines.

The East Asian Festival include screenings of Tae Guk Gi (Korea), Yi Yi (China) and Voices of a Distant Star (Japan.

Two worthy painting exhibits, an Asian film festival, theatrical and musical performances, and a free workshop for budding musicians served as day-to-day cultural encounters for those who took time to pause, gaze, watch or listen.

Five women artists—three of whom are part of the University—lent their visions of a “Beautiful World” in an exhibit so-titled, which opened last February 3 at the Hanns Seidel Hall and went on display until February 17.

CRC associate director Dr. Bett Ramirez, UA&P finance director Ms. Lydia Yuson, and School of Sciences and Engineering faculty member Ms. Leni Grace Sunico joined bankers and fellow painters Babes Yuson and Leni de Leon to present their collection of works depicting the grandeur of nature.

All fully dedicated to their professions, the artists came together a few years ago to paint on Saturdays in pursuit of a common passion for shapes, space and color.

The East Asian Film Festival featured one national cinema every week and ran every day. Films from China, Japan and Korea served as opportunities for students and staff to “engage in discourse on Philippine identity” in trying to relate the foreign films with our local culture, as stated in its reference material.

Student arts organization Dulaang ROC also staged Makbet, William Shakespeare’s famous play rendered for the first time in Filipino in full meter and rhyme by award-winning playwright and UA&P alumnus Christian Vallez and Humanities student Jose Romano Mira.

The play ran from February 2 and would continue until the 17th, Makbet was set (at the Telengtan) in a post-apocalyptic space and starred by new and experienced talents from the student body.

Scruffy characters toting shotguns, rifles and daggers and dressed in pieces of dark leather, vests and sneakers populated the scenes and preserved the ominous mood of the Shakespearean stage. The foreboding techno score reinforced the enchanting dialogues and speeches in the local tongue.

Yes Pinoy Foundation chaired by television actor Dingdong Dantes who advocates for education and nation-building sponsored a Makbet run. Endorsed by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the fully-booked play drew a diverse audience of artists, actors, educators and students in one night.

Dantes, who appointed School of Communication alumnus Joseph Aguilar to head the foundation, expressed his nostalgia for the theater and for undergraduate life.

“It’s very refreshing, it’s been so long since I last saw a play (that) it brings back college memories,” Dantes said in an interview with News Page.

“Simply walking into your school, nakaka-miss lang talaga. Nakakatuwang panoorin yung mga estudyante, yung mga actors, seeing how passionate they are,” added Dantes, who watched the play with actress Marian Rivera and UA&P President Dr. Jose Maria Mariano.

Some works by Filipino contemporary artists exhibited at 'Bargained' by the UA&P Arts Department and CSA-Kultura Desk.

Another exhibit of contemporary works by recognized Filipino artists entitled “Bargained” opened Monday at the Hanns Seidel Hall as collaboration between the CAS Arts Department, CSA’s Kultura Desk and Gallery Genesis in Pasig. The showcase aims to visualize the “merging and overlapping of contemporary and traditional (artistic) norms.”

A guitar quartet concert with a repertoire ranging from Renaissance to contemporary and a free guitar jazz workshop capped the month-long Festival.

With reports from Tet Rivera, IV School of Economics

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