REG Advisory: Graduation Policy, Requirements and Deadlines

REG Advisory: Graduation Policy, Requirements and Deadlines

by UA&P News Desk on April 26, 2012 - 12:11 pm

CHED’s and University Policy on Graduation:  Only those who have completed the academic and non-academic requirements of their respective courses, including successful defense of their thesis (if applicable) are eligible for graduation. Students who fail to meet this requirement cannot participate in the graduation ceremonies (Ref: CARP Memo dated 03/97) and will not be issued their official Transcript of Records and Diploma.

 General Guidelines on Graduation:

  1. Candidates for Graduation should have filed their Application for Graduation with REG not later than January 2012 as announced; they should have had their final check with their respective Schools / Institutes and the Registrar’s Office regarding their deficiencies ending 2nd semester, SY 2011-2012. Unless these deficiencies are completed by this Summer, concerned students will be ineligible for graduation on June 2, 2012.
  2. Graduating students must ensure that all requirements for graduation including submission of the final (hard) bound copy of theses, if applicable, are complied with not later than May 18, 2012 as stated in the Academic Calendar for SY 2011-2012.
  3. REG shall issue the Official List of Candidates for Graduation, Batch 2012 to OSA not later than May 25, 2012.
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