A ‘class’ of our own?

A ‘class’ of our own?

by Camille Diola on April 27, 2012 - 2:31 pm

History prof sheds light on human quality

College of Arts and Sciences historian Dr. Yvette Camacho shared with UA&P employees ideas on a time-tested rule of thumb for action and behavior termed “human class,” which she says is something we fondly live (and strive to live) in the University.

Dr. Svetlana Camacho

Also called the “quality of being human,” human class consists in meeting a criterion above mediocrity in how we do our work, how we keep our surroundings pleasant, and how we relate to one another, Dr. Camacho explained.

Good manners, elegance, openness, respect, friendship and etiquette in keeping with the familiar corporate culture (“an atmosphere of academic serenity”) are also within the realm of this concept, she said.

The well-attended discussion, organized by the Human Resource Management under the Integral Development Program, maintained that members of the community have to keep in mind the reason for the University’s existence–to provide education, the purpose of which is the full interior growth of individuals.

Dr. Camacho roughly translated the related phrases well-known to other cultures, namely tono humano (Spanish), calidad humana (Chilean) and savoire faire (French) into human class to point out the references of these values on refined thinking in a more universal context.

She said that external actions in keeping with human class are but expressions of what is inside each one–a cultivated, cultured mind regardless of formal educational attainment.

To further explain the concept, Dr. Camacho showed the participants an award-winning short film about an old man preparing a simple yet thoughtful meal for his daughter. The short video, entitled Fine Dining, shows how culture and refinement can be observed even without material comforts and wealth.

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