The strength of a nation begins with oneself

The strength of a nation begins with oneself

by UA&P News Desk on April 30, 2012 - 3:49 pm

by Anthony Lumicao, IV School of Economics

A strong nation is made possible by individual men and women of solid character who make good and responsible day-to-day decisions, no matter what challenges may come along.

Dr Jesus Estanislao

This is the key message of a youth values-based leadership conference held last March 1 to 3, and organized by the CAS Student Executive Board, the I am S.T.R.O.N.G.-I Keep Love Real Program of UA&P Center for Social Responsibility, and the AIESEC in UA&P.

The conference with the theme “Strong Person, Strong Nation” introduced and integrated the value of unity of life as a framework for the ideal “Strong Person” in a leader’s concrete settings: home and family, studies and profession, and relationships and lifestyles.

Over 50 participants took part, mostyle high-school students from PAREF Southridge, Woodrose, ERIS, Ramon Magsaysay High School, and home-schoool Kolbe Academy. The schedule was packed with a series of talks, an essay-writing competition, a debate, and several workshops.

UA&P co-founder Dr. Jesus Estanislao put importance on the strength of the individuals as the foundation of the nation’s strength through consistency in the practice of virtues. Dr. Estanislao calls for governance at all of these levels to achieve a holistic development for the state.

Francis Kong, President of Success Option Publishing Company and director of Inspire Leadership Consultancy, in his talk “Authentic Leadership: More Than Just Leading,” dealth with the genuine characteristics of leadership–collegiality and attitude-based management.

Chilean Ambassador Roberto Mayorga in his concluding remarks said that calidad humana sums up the theme of the conference. “Calidad humana may refer to the sum total of distinctively human characteristics that dignify and ennoble a person and enable him to contribute to a culture of excellence … in unusual or day-to-day situations and circumstances.”

The organizers have shown keen interest in making the Strong Person, Strong Nation conference an annual formation program for student leaders. Truly, conveying the value of a “strong person” as a foundation for the nation is a concept that makes the conference a sui generis, a class of its own.

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