Views from the Economic Summit: Trailblazing through creativity

Views from the Economic Summit: Trailblazing through creativity

by UA&P News Desk on April 30, 2012 - 4:47 pm

by Jose Romano S. Mira, III School of Economics

Trailblazing–this is how University President Dr. Jose Maria Mariano branded the Economic Summit 2012 when he gave the opening remarks for the event.

The Economic Summit is an initiative of four of the University’s student professional organizations: the Business Economics Association (School of Economics), the Entrepreneurial Management Student Executive Board, the Information Technology Executive Council, and PHAROS (School of Education and Human Development’s student government). With the tagline “Tapping the Human Creative Potential,” this year’s Economic Summit brought in experts from the fields of education, information technology, and economics to explain how creativity fuels the growth and development of businesses.

SED Dean Dr. Celerino Tiongco discussed the dynamics of human capital developmetn and its long-form effects on the growth and development of societies.

School of Sciences and Engineering faculty member Mr. Christian Vallez talked about how innovation in information technology and media arts, as born out of creativity of the mind would ultimately determine business success.

Famed economist Dr. Bernardo Villegas, Vice President of UA&P Foundation, synthesized the ideas shared with the audience. He mentioned an economist, Joseph Schumpeter, who has a new theory on economic growth. One of his central ideas is the concept of creative destruction–economic growth essentially springs from the changes people induce. This is where creativity enters the picture. The capacity of the human mind to continuously improve may be seen as the primary energy for the growth and development of businesses, the economy, and ultimately human societies.

With these three talks, the participating professional organizations aimed to integrate and connect their specific fields to economic development. Through this, the Economic Summit 2012 served as a spark for interdisciplinary dialogue within the University.

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